LCD Plasma Pop up Display Stands

Advances in technology have seen the price of digital displays drop dramatically, mainly due to the replacement of plasma screens with LCD screen technology. This has enabled interactive and video/dvd presentations to be shown at exhibitions.

Digital LCD or plasma based exhibition displays with an integrated screen can now be accommodated in either a Twist stand or pop up stand. Our unique DEXS system allows you to put up to a 60 inch lcd screen into any pop up or Twist stand.

If smaller digital exhibition displays are required then an off-the-shelf Expand stand can be used with up to a 32 inch digital screen.

All our systems are transportable and can be assembled in less than half an hour.


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LCD, LED TV Pop Up stand

LCD, LED TV Pop Up stand£1,040.00  -  £1,386.00


A pop up bundle that takes upto a 60" LCD or LED TV screen.
Curved or Straight, any size
A top quality pop up TV display stand at a budget price - comprehensive 10 year guarantee, photo quality graphics as standard.
The DEXS features our best selling pop up bundle on the UK internet.

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Many different configurations of stand can be designed.

Dexs pop up stand with integrated screen            coo-op pop up stand with integrated TV screen