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Banner Stands

When you buy your exhibition banner stand from Plus you can rest assured as they are backed by a minimum guarantee of at least 2 years and are superb value for money. 

Please speak to one of our exhibition consultants who will be happy to give you free impartial advice based on 35 years of experience. 

Call 01782 264110 to contact our advisers and exhibition specialists.


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Blizzard out door Banner Stand

Blizzard out door Banner Stand£230.00   £195.00

The Blizzard banner stand - our preferred outdoor choice.
Starting at just £195
Comes with a 2 year guarantee
Buy with confidence by phone 01782 264110 or online now!

Delta out door and outside banner stand

Delta out door and outside banner stand£289.00  -  £359.00

The Delta Single or Double-Sided Outside Banner Stand.
Starting at just £289
Cassette carries our 5 year guarantee
click to buy by phone or online now!

Uno Banner Stand

Uno Banner Stand£189.00  -  £209.00

The Uno Banner Stand is a simple but effective telescopic banner stand.
Starting at just £189
Supplied with a 5 year guarantee on all parts
click to buy by phone or online now!

Special offer handout leaflets

Special offer handout leaflets£38.95  -  £89.95

Add leaflets of your banner as handouts at discounted price. Must be ordered at the same time.

Pegasus Banner Stand

Pegasus Banner Stand£429.00   £395.00

The Pegasus Banner Stand features adjustable height and width.
Starting at just £340
Comes with a 5 year guarantee on all parts
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Page 2 of 2:    25 Items

Plus Display is the UK leading supplier and printer of retractable, pull up and pop up banner displays. We only sell a quality product that has passed stringent tests and warrants our Plus approved mark. This gives you peace of mind that when using them they will not break, fade, or jam which could be disastrous if about to use them to promote your company. All these products must pass the test of time and go through our rigid quality testing process before being allowed to appear on either our web site or in our printed catalogue.

We have a very large collection of pop up displays, banner cassettes and portable banner stands to offer our customers. All are ideal for almost any kind of promotional, sales, marketing or exhibition purpose. Made of high quality materials, all these products are very durable despite being very lightweight. It is these characteristics that make them perfect for use in every type of trade show and promotional event.

Our professional designers have developed each and every one of our banner stands to eliminate any problems and ensure they are fit for purpose. This is done to make sure that each and every promotional need and requirement of you the customer is considered and taken care of. We practice Kaisan, the continuous development and modification process to eliminate any small niggles or usage problems to keep you the customer happy and most importantly; coming back. In order to maintain the quality of our products offered we exclusively assemble and print them here in the UK. The decision of ours not to offer cheap imports does keep repeat business rolling in and ensures we are here long term to honour our guarantees.

Banner Stands for Displays

All offered by us are durable, long lasting and they perfectly suit and complement every type of indoor and outdoor promotional activity. Available in a variety of sizes, from desk top to over 3m tall and 2m wide, the exceptional quality of these products supported by our guarantees makes them a perfect promotional tool which will deliver you the best value on your investment.

Types of Banner Stands

We offer almost every kind of stand that could be required by our customers to meet and exceed their advertising needs. So whatever the occasion, we will always have something for you that perfectly meets your budget and quality requirements. Although we sell low priced banner stands, they are genuine reductions not built to a cheap price! All come with a minimum 2 year guarantee. This guarantee increases to 5 years on our higher end products such as the Barracuda stand. Apart from that we also have the Blizzard stand which is highly recommended for outdoor use, very popular Spin and Flip stands and the double sided ones when required by our customers. Also if you want something which is highly adjustable and can be easily customized as per one's needs and requirements then go for the Pegasus or UNO adjustable. If you need something big then go for an Aero, which is a popular exhibition display stand when versatility is paramount.

Pricing and Guarantee

Our prices are always very competitive and certainly best value when compared to the quality of products that we provide. Despite all our range being printed by us in the UK we always try to deliver at the most economical price. All our products come with a guarantee that ranges between 2 to 5 years depending on the product. Our premium quality printing facility ensures that close inspection does not reveal any banding or fluffy edges seen often in our competitor products.


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