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Shell Scheme Graphics

Swift-Shell, the fast, easy solution, maximise space with professional looking shell scheme graphics.

A seamless shell scheme system that takes seconds to put up. There are 2 systems in the video, the first the panel plus which fits in between the shell scheme posts and the swiftshell seamless shell scheme graphic system which is in the second half of the video. 

The easiest Shell Scheme Graphic system to put up on the market today.  The all new Swift-Shell scheme graphic system, exclusive to us.

We have designed it and produce everything from start to finish in house.  Patent applied for!

If you have any queries on any of the stands or just want to discuss your shell scheme graphics or your exhibition stand call our exhibition specialists now on 01782 264110. 

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Shell sheme graphic panels-Plus

Shell sheme graphic panels-Plus£99.00  -  £1,782.00

  • Takes up no floor space
  • Fits between shell scheme poles
  • Professional aluminium rail
  • Simple intergrated hanging bracket
  • Fits any proprietary shell scheme
  • Easy to add extra panels
  • Just rolls up and fitted in seconds
  • All fits in a drum and easily carried
  • can be reused many times
  • Fantastic value for money
Shell sheme graphic panels-seamless

Shell sheme graphic panels-seamless£419.00  -  £2,310.00

  • Takes up no floor space
  • Hides shell scheme poles
  • Can be used free standing with optional legs
  • Professional aluminium rails
  • Simple hanging bracket
  • Fits any proprietary shell scheme
  • Easy to reconfigure and add extra panels
  • Just rolls up and fitted in seconds
  • All fits in a drum and easily carried
  • can be reused and reused
  • Fantastic value for money

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Perfect for exhibition, trade show or conference space with a shell scheme.

When booking floor space at trade show events a shell scheme is usually provided by the event organiser, but check this, as it is not always the case. A Shell scheme is basically a series of upright aluminium posts with rigid panels between them. This creates a white wall structure around the shell of your exhibition stand area, hence the name Shell Scheme. You can attach your own graphic panels or posters to these walls to create your own eye catching stand…..which is where we come in!

Some people like seamless graphics and others are happy with the aluminium uprights showing. We have shell scheme graphic panels to suit both situations. The important thing is that the panels attach to the wall or very close, to give maximum space on your exhibition stand.

Our all new Swift Shell graphic panel system solves this problem simply and effectively. The fixings for the schemes simply slot or hang into the existing aluminium posts or cross beams, forming a fixing for the various trade show panels. By using several of these graphic panels you can create a true seamless or an effective seamless graphic that stretches around the whole stand. A professional look, in less than 5 minutes.

Take a look at our Systems. They can be applied to any shell scheme and size! A cost effective, fast and easy way of turning your shell scheme in to an eye catching advert at your next exhibition or trade show!

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Old shell scheme graphics   

Shell clad graphics


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